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work method

Effective and proven. Our work method is the tool we use to assist our customers to develop optimal solutions to meet their needs.

Our extensive experience creating IoT systems through the integration of video, network and communication technologies has led us to develop an effective and proven working method. We call upon this experience base in every project, and it is the key factor in the success of our contracts.



Every project is initially developed working alongside the customer, to understand their needs, goals and the problems they wish to solve. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the technological landscape and our foresight and vision, we can propose and justify alternative or improved solutions to our customers.


System design

Once the customer’s needs have been fully understood and the optimum solution outlined with him, the project design phase begins. We draft diagrams of the different parts of the system and its structure. If necessary, we also create renderings of the final result.



We carry out the assembly, configuration and commissioning of the system we have designed. We aim to optimise all its components to the fullest.



Like all network-connected systems, the IoT systems we build also interface with the outside world. This means they are vulnerable to attacks and system security threats. To minimise the risk of intrusions, we outline and apply a maintenance plan that is capable of adapting to the system’s evolution over time.

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