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We build Internet of Things systems

We connect networked sites, objects and devices to create intelligent systems that make every process more efficient.

Internet of Things (IoT) systems represent the promising evolution in connectivity technologies. They enable diverse places, objects and devices to be connected to each other and to the network. In doing so, they produce data, exchange it with each other, process it and react accordingly. This creates a digital map of a physical reality, which establishes systems of intelligent and connected objects that can act independently, making every type of process more efficient.

In our business, IoT systems are a complement to our solutions. We exploit the interaction between objects, sensors and our video and audio solutions to create unique technological ecosystems. Data is collected on the dataCity platform that we have created and now offer to our customers.

Thanks to the vast experience we have gained by creating various types of networks, today we can assemble internet of things systems and solutions for our customers.

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